Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Escorts have joined !!!!!!

Dear All,
As usual we have been crowded and busy. Recently we are accompanied with new escorts

We have a new trialists now, and for those trialists we are accepting cash-in-hand (paid on delivery or meet-up directly)

To Book, just send back your request ( no requests prior January 18th ) and if you have a preference mention it (example : black hair, blonde, extra weight etc)

Mention how many hours you want, when, and if its an in-call let us know we will provide spot for you (for an extra 200$)

We reply with price acceptance, and deal (+phone number to contact us or vise versa)

1 hour rate : 400$

2 hours rate ; 600$

1 day rate : 1500$

1 night rate : 1800$

1 day and night (24 hours) : 2200$

1 Full Month : 10,000$

PS: Kevin is no longer on the team, your hosts now are Sam and Ned.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update Due to Requests

Some clients keep sending us posts and we try and reply as much as we can.
We don't say we do not want new clients cause no one does, however, since late 2008 and as dealt with all through out 2009 and 2010, because we did face many issues and hassles from new clients, like cancellations at last minute, trying to force escorts on un-agreed terms, requesting travels for 1 days, and because we have Limited number of escorts that will cause us to deny service to new clients whom risk would appear rather than servicing older clients with gold status.
We still accept new clients (answering the question ) HOWEVER :
As mentioned in the latest 2008 post and still do, we only accept it using services below, yes we know many do not like this but we also do not service 1 night clientele either!

Added to our service ( and due to few requests before ) We do now provide extra tasks (aside from escorting) like private Jets , specialty cars rentals, and Exclusive "Reservations" : EX: You want to reserve a Table in X-Restuarant-Pub- Bar and you are "Un-welcomed?" Talk to us, we make the WHOLE Difference, As familiar in Lebanon Money Talks, our job is to connect this money to the RIGHT People, this do cost a handful, and we only thought it can be available through our connections to our clients on demand.

Lastly ! Request more info, ONLY IF YOU ARE A SERIOUS - And Looking for long term "Business" Deals.

You Need "What others dont advertise on BillBoards ? .... Ask Us ! "

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The service

Now : Recruiting more escorts, if you are an escort lady looking to make 1-5,000$ per month contact us today with your profile. !
Howdi Hoo ,

Looking for a perfect escort?

You are in a right place.

We suppose

You are in or travel to another town and want to know facts and important locations in the city, you need someone to show you around, get you accustomed and informed at the same time.
You do not want to go to an important meeting by yourself, and want to make a good impression upon your guests or fellow businessmen.
You want to spend your leave in a pleasant company.
You want to brighten up a dullest occasion or to make the most fascinating evening yet more charming.
You want your deepest secret intimate dream to come true.
All of the above are common wishes of men nowadays, mostly due to a lack of time to organize their private life. Therefore,

We propose

For the discerning client seeking the most exquisite companion, for a man who is seeking to escape the usual and proceed to simply the best escorting lady, we propose the easiest and most effective thing – to choose from our gallery a professional wicked lady, who will undoubtedly complement your sojourn or occasion of any type.

We guarantee

the highest possible quality of the escorting service by a wicked lady, you would never regret about reasonable prices: our escort girls set prices on their own which ensures the best quality of the service for each separate case 30 to 60 minutes time for your stunning companion to arrive, with no transportation cost, at any area of Lebanon and nearby your discretion, whatever the meeting place is. No personal details would ever be released under any circumstances, our receptionists are up to help you to make your choice.


Scroll below for images and read fees on their right side block
Update : Luna and stella are not available anymore
Pre-Reservation is now the ONLY method to reserve.
To insure both our side and your side security we have chosen the following methods:
LibertyReserve accounts (Safest way to trade ecurrency online)
Credit cards
And WesternUnion is available for returning clients or upon request.
If you have not read this carefully do not send requests Repeating same questions please.
Decision is final and permanent !



Before anything else, please contact us with the name of the lady
to escort and desired date to insure availability.

Rates for escorts with photos on website :

1 hour rate : 400$

2 hours rate ; 600$

1 day rate : 1200$

1 night rate : 1500$

1 day and night (24 hours) : 2200$

1 Full Month : 7500$

Cash in Hand Escorts rates:

1 hour rate : 200$

2 hours rate ; 300$

1 day rate : 1000$

1 night rate : 1200$

1 day and night (24 hours) : 1500$

During any of those times:

Massage : 75$

Accommodation : 200$/day (1 hour --> 24 hours)

Role Play : 250$ (plus any required accessories fees)

Anything else : Contact us first !

WE CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR anything else that happens during your
time together as a result of the independent actions of two consenting

Travel option (outside Lebanon) is available under the
following conditions :

WITHIN the middle east : All girls ( 500$/girl extra fee + accommodation
) , and only for 3+ days of escorting.


Prepaid E-currencies *

What is prepaid ecurrency ?

A prepaid e-currency is the web's most popular private payments these
days, such as :

Liberty Reserve







We could arrange MoneyGram Payment

Upon request and fees acceptance.

Prices are not negotiatiable

Phone number of Escort is provided after payment and

only 24 hours before meeting date

Luna and Stella DOUBLE BILL = Double payment on
everything !


for more info !